Wild Game Processing

We offer a full spectrum wild game processing service for a variety of wild game including antelope, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, moose, and buffalo. Our service starts with skinning and partial caping and moves quickly through the other stages.Our process ensures that your meat is YOUR meat. Vacuum sealed and cut just as you like it. This is how we do it.

Partial Caping

When you arrive at our facility with you trophy, we begin the process. Skinning and caping is the process to remove the hide allowing the animal to begin cooling.  The cooling of the meat ensures that it remains at the highest quality. Upon request, our capable staff will remove the hide in preparation for a taxidermist to begin preserving your trophy.


Many wild game processors will skip this part of the process, but we believe it is perhaps the most vital step. Using a high pressure washer we are able to remove any debris collected in the field or the back of your pickup.  This helps to not only preserve the quality of each animal, but also that of the animals on the rail next to it.


All of our hunters get their meat cut to their personal preference. Our cutting team has more than 75 years of wild game processing experience collectively. This allows us to deliver a great product that will exceed your expectations each and every season.

Vacuum Packing

The processing of your animal is crucial to maintaining that superior taste but with improper packing and storing all can be lost. All of our meat is packed in 3 mm vacuum bags to ensure freshness and superior flavor.

Packing and Shipping

Processed meat is packed into freezer trays that are lined with a sturdy, collapsable meat sack, and frozen.  Each tray is then carefully inspected to ensure that each package is properly sealed after freezing and before leaving the facility.  Shipping and handling options are available upon request.


Big Horn Meat does not offer any taxidermy services beyond the partial cape.  However, we do have a trusted on-site taxidermist that is available to our hunters.  Whether it is simply finishing a cape to prepare for travel or a full-body mount, Winterland Taxidermy has you covered.