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The enduring story of every small town in America is the relationship between the community and their neighborhood butcher. Big Horn Meat Cutting has been the trusted local butcher for Buffalo and the surrounding towns for as long as we’ve been in business.

All of our retail meats are available frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. With sufficient notice we will cut to order.

We sell vacuum packed meats processed onsite to anyone that finds their way through our front door. The cuts we provide include the following:

Beef Steaks
Beef Roasts
Ground Beef
Beef Sausage – summer, salami, jalapeno cheese, beer sticks, pepperjack sticks, jalapeno cheese sticks, spicy sticks, polish
Beef Jerky
Buffalo Steaks
Buffalo Roasts
Buffalo Burger
Buffalo Jerky – regular, prairie fire
Bacon – regular, garlic pepper, jalapeno
Smoked Pork Chops
Pork Chops
Smoked Ham
Ham Steaks
Pork Roasts
Pork Sausage – regular, spicy
Basque Lukainka
Lamb Chops
Lamb Burger
Leg of Lamb
Smoked Turkeys (seasonal)

Call for pricing: (307) 684-5387

Freezer case
Big Hoss steak

The Big Hoss

Ask about “The Big Hoss”, our famous 2 inch thick ribeye that weighs in at roughly 2 lbs. Perfect for grilling season!

Big Hoss steakBig Hoss steakBig Hoss steakBig Hoss steak